Camilla Freitas - Visual Artist

I am graduated in Visual Art from the Fine Art School of the Rio de Janeiro Federal University. I have always been showing a lot of interest in painting, and mainly in representing women´s bodies or something which is not done to be seen through the form or the intellect, but has an effect on emotions and sensations. 

In my sets: Corpos em Construção (Bodies under Construction) and Corpos em Movimento (Bodies in motion), I am referring to females being who are mutable, impenetrable, cyclic in their essence, and will bring a story with them. 

I face my production as an "exit for human sensations" which are part of the daily life as: fear, melancholy, euphoria, freedom, isolation, vulnerability, frivolity, aggressiveness, chaos, happiness, among others. 

I am using and testing several ways to express myself in the aim to discover what is arising from it, revealing the invisible, the inexpressible. One my characteristics is to provoke the look for the purpose to develop a new  perception and to push the spectator to go far beyond". 


Camilla Freitas
Visual Artist.

& Consultoria Internacional Artística

Rua Manuel Peixoto, 172

Guimarães - Portugal

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