Luciano Blanck - Visual Artist

Luciano Blanck is a Brazilian Self-taught sculptor and his works are figurative. The portrait is something inherent to the human being because it is what motivates the artist to represent people's essence, gestural, and expression. To put his passion into practice, he is getting his inspiration - in Garopaba - a small Brazilian seaside town in the State of Santa Catharina, in Brazil, where he lives. 

That´s among the fishermen marked by the labor, the salt, and the sun, with some popsicle sticks and tools that he is making by himself, that he molds the clay and gives life to his characters. Tiny details as wrinkles, imperfect teeth, and expressions are giving some realism to his art. 

Besides the clay, Luciano uses also bottles caps, salvage scrap iron, and timbers from the construction industry. Luciano Blanck's sculptures push us to stop, observe, review, and to reflect on what each human being has to offer. No matter our age, social class, or origin. The reality that each one of us is carrying on is captured and projected in the third dimension in a synergistic way between the creator, the observer, and space. The artist mastery and his intimacy with his characters spread well-being and offer us a look that is telling us dozens of stories.



Heloiza Azevedo

Art Curator, Writer and

Cultural Producer. 

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