Rosamaria Feltrin - Visual Artist


I was born in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil. I am graduated in History but very early I got on with Art, starting to make the restoration of sacred art and churches. Later on, I began to practice only visual Art. I am using acrylic on canvas and has a strong tendency for contemporary art. 

Abstract Art is the stronger way I found to bring people to interpret my paintings. I mix colors, textures, forms which are emerging, do superposition of tonalities which are arising in the motion of the spatula, and all this push me to observe an expressionist stroke which surrounds me completely, as I am creating. 

The Nature is my greatest source of inspiration, its colors, its light, its movement, and life in its most complete form, always appear in my works.

Rosamaria Feltrin
 Visual Artist.

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& Consultoria Internacional Artística

Rua Manuel Peixoto, 172

Guimarães - Portugal

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