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About Arte and Creation

Arte is an expression, and through the techniques, he is using in his creation, the artist is acting as an intermediary facilitating the consciousness expansion and a deep reflection about the feelings but also providing a new vision of the work, and new attitudes towards the world, allowing then some more efficiency in this transition. Art forms a whole, which shows the universal vision in its essence and the real values of the current society in which we are living today 

Vitoria Sztejnman Visual Artist and Sculptor who holds a Full Degree in Artistic Education from the Bennet Institute. Post Graduated - Latu Sensu -  in Art Therapy from the Veiga de Almeida University and in Esthetic Art - from the Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Teaching Art Education.   

A mask reveals more than a face, it is the symbol of the artist's identity as an explorer of the human soul and it´s impossible not to be curious about this object of adoration. Vitoria Sztejnman is fascinated by masks and explores them through sculpture, using materials such as clay. The masks which have been the main topics in Pablo Picasso´s works, as in African Art, are some historical references that have been really important for her in-depth artistic study. In anthropology the mask is considered as an object and a mode of divination, it represents the connection between the world of the living beings and one of dead persons. In the founding principles of Jung psychology, the mask disguises and reveals at the same time the human truth represented by the unconscious. 

Laura Francesca Di Trapani

Art Critic – Italy

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& Consultoria Internacional Artística

Rua Manuel Peixoto, 172

Guimarães - Portugal

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