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José Alberto Ferreira Silva is a Brazilian painter, known as ZEBAY Silva. He was born in Ibicuí, a town situated in the state of Bahia. He has already featured numerous exhibitions and won several awards, in Brazil and abroad.

I started painting in the early 1970s, but I never intended to choose a specific way of expressing myself in the artistic field. Everything happened naturally. When I became aware of what was going on, I was already in love with the technique of colors used by the great masters from the past. 

The town I am coming from and the area which surrounds it has no painting tradition and my only way to study was to reproduce images from calendars, magazines, newspapers, or some Art books that, by chance, were ending up in my hands. I am painting popular people from my town and some universal beings. I am trying to represent simplicity with sophistication and sophistication with simplicity. I still paint a lot. I have no prejudices. My painting is a light and romantic surrealism.

Zebay Silva - Painter.

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